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High Resolution Front Cover.5711857Hello everyone. I am excited to announce several big updates relating to my Bobby Ether series. First of all, the homepage for book three, Bobby Ether and the Great Sphinx, now includes an updated description of the book, along with the newly revealed cover illustration, also located here.

Second, the manuscript for the book is done. I just got back the interior proof from my publisher today. That means that book three is hopefully just a week or two away from being released.

Lastly, I have been busy on Facebook adding images and creating a new page for this latest addition. The pages for the two previous titles, Academy and Temple of Eternity, are now updated and include sample pages for you to enjoy. The Great Sphinx page is brand new and also contains a reading sample.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook. Even if you’ve already read the books, why not stop by and give Bobby a thumbs up?