The Great Sphinx


High Resolution Front Cover.5711857

Bobby Ether knows something’s wrong when he returns home from a summer trip and discovers his parents missing. All he finds is a photo of the Great Sphinx at Giza—an unlikely destination that leaves more questions than answers.

The clandestine organization known as the Core is at it again, this time kidnapping Bobby’s parents in order to get to him. But what is the Core truly after? Led by the enigmatic one-eyed Mu’at, the Core will stop at nothing in their quest to forcefully evolve humankind, and it seems that Bobby has something they need.

In truth, nothing is what it seems—from the secret repository hidden beneath the Sphinx, to the spirit of an ancient princess trapped within, the questions just keep coming. The Great Sphinx is only a stop on their journey, which will reunite Bobby with his soul mate from centuries past in an epic quest to discover the lost city of Atlantis.

Bobby harnesses the spiritual energy within him in a journey into mythical realms in Bobby Ether and the Great Sphinx, where young adult fantasy and New Age fiction unite in a fast-paced, adventure-filled magical story from author R. Scott Boyer.

Note: Expected publication date is mid ’16.


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