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Deleted Scene: Within the Crypts

Deleted Scene: Within the Crypts

Enjoy this second deleted scene from Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy… and stay tuned for the next installment soon! The stairwell was steep and narrow, with steps so worn they had to brace against the walls to avoid slipping. They descended in single file,...

Book Arrival

The first copies of the new book arrived just a few minutes ago and I absolutely love them! After years of hard work, this leg of the journey is finally over. The cover is beautiful. The story is done. Now I move on to marketing and reviews prior to release. These are...

Cover Poll Results

The results from the Cover Poll held by Koehler Books are in. The cover is now decided. The front will feature the monastery/pagoda, while the back of the book will feature the monk in the mist. Front Cover: Full Wrap: