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When I first starting writing Bobby Ether’s adventures, one of the big questions I got asked a lot was: “Why did you choose to write about teenagers?” Truth is that it was never a conscious decision. As most author will tell you: we write what we know. It’s as simple as that ?.

I have volunteered with kids my entire adult life, primarily with teenagers. Growing up, I was heavily involved in the YMCA. I went to almost every summer camp, winter camp, game night, sleep over, even the week-long caravan trips.

One of the many lessons my mentors taught me during that time was: if you take value from the program, find a way to give back. When I got old enough, I became a counselor at Y camp, then a director for a few years. Meanwhile, I began coaching youth basketball, starting with six and seven-year-olds and working my way up to the teen and pre-teen leagues, where I had several undefeated season??. I even coached a single season of high school varsity before life got too busy.

Along the way, I also started volunteering at a summer camp for kids from underprivileged communities. Many people say I like working with kids so much because I am just a big kid at heart. Or maybe I relate to them because I’ve spent so many years working with them. One way or another, I subconsciously knew that I wanted to write about teens long before I realized I was doing it.

There are many kid’s programs that are dear to me. Over the years, it has whittled down to just a few that I still find time for every year. Still, I wholeheartedly support all the efforts made across our country every day by teachers, librarians, administrators, and volunteers, and many others, to help raise the next generation with all the love, respect, passion, and dignity they deserve.

I would love for people to comment about the various youth programs they work for, volunteer with, or simply know about that are doing their part to raise kids right. I especially want to hear about reading and literacy programs ???❤.

For anyone who is interested, some of the programs I have been involved with include the Collins & Katz Family YMCA, the C5 Foundation, and United In Harmony/Camp Harmony, and the Tsunami Childrens Foundation from my time in Thailand. More information on these programs is available on my website at