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One of the big themes in Temple of Eternity is communion with nature. Set in the Guatemalan rainforest, this story is full of dangerous predators. Some are allies. Others are foes. All are powerful and awesome. For anyone who read book one, you know what a big role animals played at the Jade Academy. Willy the Creep had an albino ferret as his emotional support pet. Bobby had numerous encounters with a mother bear and her young cubs. Jinx had a rather interesting encounter with a perturbed badger.

This same theme of interconnectedness between characters and animals spills over into book two, largely because nature is at the heart of this second story. The rainforests of Guatemala are teeming with life. A pack of piranhas threaten the adventure until a giant anaconda arrives. Willy the Creep is back with a new support animal (an albino monkey named Mercy). Bobby has yet another spirit animal to guide him on his quest. The mighty black panther stalks the trees, watching with its amber eyes as Bobby and Jinx undergo an epic quest to rescue their friends and free the spirits trapped within the Temple of Eternity.

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