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Here is the last part of chapter two, Scions of the Sphinx. I like this scene because it shows not only Bobby’s interest in tracking down the girl from his visions, but also the start of Jinx’s fledgling relationship with Ana. Don’t forget to check out earlier chapters at

They made small talk on the way back, with Jinx bombarding Chief with questions about the various denizens of the forest. Each time, Chief gave him a patient nod, paused a moment to provide an answer, and then gently urged Jinx to continue their trek.

It wasn’t until they’d nearly reached the hill that Bobby remembered the reason he’d volunteered to come on the hike in the first place. “Hey, Chief, have you heard from my parents lately?”

Chief shook his head. “Why do you ask?”

Bobby sighed, the image of his empty house in Bayside playing in his mind. “Maybe I could call them, you know, just to say hello?”

“Even better, why don’t you and Jinx go for a visit? The two of you have been progressing exceptionally well in your studies. I’d say you both deserve a break.”

Bobby did his best to hide his relief as Chief ascended to the top of the rise and stopped.

“I need to go check on the rest of the kids before I have dinner,” said Chief. “Why don’t you two head back to the lodge?”

“Actually, I’d like to tag along, if that’s OK?” said Jinx. Bobby gave his cousin a knowing smile. Clearly, Jinx was hoping for a chance to see Ana. “Unless you want me to go back with you…?” Jinx asked Bobby with a nervous glance.

Bobby laughed. “Actually, I’d like to come too, if that’s OK?”

Without a word, Chief turned and headed for the nearest cabin. They worked their way systematically through the half dozen rough-plank lodges, with Chief consulting the monks stationed at each one as to the status of various children. Meanwhile Bobby searched each female face for the girl from his vision.

When they got to Ana’s cabin, Jinx conveniently declared that he felt hungry again, at which point the monk in charge invited him to stay for dessert. Chief didn’t seem the least bit surprised as he prepared to depart. Bobby gave his cousin a sly wink and went on without him.

Bobby and Chief visited three more cabins after that, with Bobby checking every face, but none of the girls at the Eagle’s Nest matched the one from his vision. Finally, after nearly two hours, the two of them returned to the hogan to settle in for the night.

Bobby’s feet dragged as he passed through the subterranean halls. He hadn’t found the girl in his vision, and the image of the empty house troubled him. He would have liked to talk to one of his friends, but Trevor, Lily, and Jacob were all in their rooms with their doors closed—either studying or sleeping. Bobby spared a smile as he passed Jinx’s room. His was the only one with the door open. The space beyond stood empty.