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Hello everyone. I am so sorry for this incredibly long overdue post. Obviously, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I am sure some of you have wondered why.

Roughly six months ago, my older sister, Michelle Boyer Dykstra, tragically passed away. It was so sudden and unexpected that I can still barely believe it is real. The impact of her death left me breathless and utterly discombobulated. Not only was Michelle my dearly-loved sister, an amazing person, and an incredible friend, she was also my first reader and editor.

Now, as the hours dissolve into days, which turn into weeks, which blend into months, I have slowly tried to pull myself together and chart a new path forward. Even though book three is done and book four is mostly completed, I have chosen to search for an agent rather than continue to self-publish. I have also set aside my blogging and posting as I adopt to several major life changes, including moving into a new home and working on my own, rather than with my father at my side, as was the case for the past twenty years.

Please wish me luck and good wishes. I am so grateful for the support of my friends, fans, and the entire Bobby Ether community. I promise I will do what I can to bring you more of his adventures in the future.


Scott Boyer