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camp_imageHere is the third and final poem I wrote at Camp Paintrock in Wyoming while participating in the ‘Poetic Justice’ poetry session with the C5LA students.

As with the first poem ‘What Made Me,’ this last poem was also a topic chosen by the students. I wrote it as more of a channeling of the emotions I experienced from the students while at camp, rather than directly from my own perspective per se.

Again, I hope you enjoy both the poem as well as gain so insight into the C5 program and how it impacts the lives of the amazing students they work with.

What Makes Me a Leader

Followers follow
Leaders lead
The only real difference is confidence
How much confidence do you have?
I know how much confidence I have

Experience makes me a leader –
the willingness to share that experience with others
I may not know everything,
but I know things worth sharing
and I’m comfortable sharing
I’m comfortable in my skin
I’m not afraid to speak my mind
I’m not afraid to fail
Failure is an opportunity to learn
I have a strong moral center
People are willing to listen to me
because of who I am, not just what I say

Confident, comfortable, centered
What makes me a leader?