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Things are crazy busy right now. My new young adult fantasy, Temple of Eternity, releases in exactly one week. I am exhausted but also exhilarated by all the action leading up to the release. Here are just a few of the exciting items going on as we head down the home stretch:

Netgalley is now carrying advanced reader copies (ARCs) for anyone who wants to get a sneak peak before the official release next Thursday, Sept 24th. If you are not already a Netgalley member and want access, you can sign up here. Meanwhile, I’ve got a whole presentation (complete with video trailers!) ready for launch day. The launch party will be hosted on launch day by the Pulpwood Academy starting at 5pm PST. Sorry, I don’t have the Zoom link quite yet, but stay tuned. I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.

The great reviews also continue to roll in! I feel so incredibly honored (and relieved!) by all the nice things folks have to say about the new book. I put a tremendous amount of effort into editing this new book, and it certainly feels like my efforts paid off. Here are a few quotes from Hollywood Book Review:

  • The author has really done an amazing job of building a strong narrative which is supported by equally powerful character development and a growing mythology that incorporates history and various cultures.
  • The fantasy genre is felt in every page of this wonderful novel
  • This is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys the Young Adult genre, most specifically the fantasy sub-genre of YA.
  • This is an evenly paced, action-fueled fantasy read that fans will not be able to get enough of.
  • A strong protagonist, powerful settings and a wonderful and growing mythology make this a stand-out read to be sure.
  • Author R. Scott Boyer’s Temple of Eternity is a must-read book for the summer that readers will absolutely love getting ensconced in, so be sure to grab your copy today.

You can find the full review from HBR here.