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As my publication date for my first book, Bobby Ether and the Academy, draws ever closer, I’m becoming more and more focused (concerned?) with the need to market it myself. I’ve already been looking at and to take advantage of their respective services. Now I hear about and the ability to make a book available for free to ‘professional reviewers’ in order to get lots of reviews for your book which, of course, is huge to help sell more books.

Does any author out there have any experience with I’m also considering signing up with IBPA, which has a deal with Netgalley, which would make it more expensive altogether but also add more value.

The other big question is – start now or wait till the book is actually out? The comments i got before were to start asap (i.e. now), but IBPA wants stuff like a list price and cover art for the book, which isn’t done yet.

Comments/thoughts would be appreciated from anyone whose been through this process, especially about when to start which programs.