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To me, great ideas are what make books worth writing. Whether it’s an idea for a great character, an epiphany about an awesome plot twist, or some super fun dialog, dreaming and coming up with ideas are what move my stories forward and make me want to write them.

Some of my absolute favorite ideas to think about are ways to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. In my books, I try to walk the line between what is pure fantasy and what could actually exist. As such, I am constantly trying to think of things my characters can do, feel, or create, which go beyond what normal humans can do, but that don’t trample on all the rules of logic, science, and physics.

Examples I use in my books include intuition/instinct, empathic abilities, telepathy, and telekinesis, to name a few. I’m always looking for creative ways to apply and use these abilities as well as add to the list.

I’d love to hear from other people what kinds of things they think blur the edges between fantasy and reality; things that perhaps a normal person can’t do, but there’s really no real reason why someone couldn’t learn to do it, or develop the ability in the future.

In my books, I call people who can perform these super-human feats “exsos,” which means awakened, or enlightened humans. I look to spirituality and what various gurus, yogis, shamans, etc., can accomplish as a blueprint of what we as humans might evolve to all be able to do someday. If you know of something along these lines, please post a comment and share.