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Hi everyone. I am SO sorry for this long overdue update. As many of you know, book three has been finished for quite a while. However, I have delayed its publication indefinitely as I undertake a project to rebrand the entire series, including new cover designs, possible title changes, and content changes to the first two novels.

And I could really use your help!

As part of the rebranding project, I am looking for feedback on book one. If you’ve already read Bobby Ether and the Academy, please spare five minutes to complete this fillable questionnaire (You can do so anonymously if you’d like).

Otherwise, if you haven’t read my first book but are willing to do so, I will gladly send you a free digital copy in exchange for a completed questionnaire once you’re done.

My goal for completing this project is Mid-July, so please consider that date as the deadline for reading and returning the questionnaire.

As always, thank you to all of my wonderful fans and supporters. I appreciate all of encouragement you provide me as I work to establish this series.


R Scott Boyer

P.S. For your free digital copy, simply email me at and let me know what file type you’d like (epub, mobi, pdf, etc.). I can also provide instructions on how to load the file onto a Kindle device.

P.S.S. I will also consider sending a hard copy to people who do not have an electronic reader. However, before requesting a hard copy, please be truthful and consider the cost on my behalf (both for the book itself and for the shipping/handling). i.e. Please ask for a hard copy only if you really have no access to a digital device.