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Enjoy this third deleted scene from Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy... learn more about Bobby and his friends Lily, Jinx, Trevor and Jacob as they search for secrets deep within the bowels of the Jade Academy. Stay tuned for the next installment soon!

“I have an idea,” said Bobby, pointing to the archway above the door. “Can anyone read that writing?”

“I can,” said Jinx. “Roughly translated, it says: ‘Herein lays Xiao Feng, Twenty Second Headmaster of the Monastery of Crystal Jade.”

“And the markings at the end, those are roman numerals, right?”

“Yes. 1096-1139.”

Jacob scoffed. “Ok, so it’s the tomb of some really old guy who used to run the place. How does that help?”

“I think it’s safe to assume that whatever we’re looking for is from my grandfather’s time, right? So if we can rule out all this ancient stuff—”

“–Then we only have to search the recent tombs,” said Trevor, giving Bobby a big slap on the back. “Bobby, I could kiss you.”

“That’s a great idea,” said Jinx. “Err, not the kissing part. I mean the part about checking the dates on the tombs. We can split up and search for something recent; like forty or fifty years old.”

“I don’t like the idea of splitting up again,” said Lily.

“I agree,” said Bobby with a sidelong glance at Jacob and his purple bruise. “We go as a group.”

“Look for lighter colored stone,” offered Trevor. “Granite darkens with age due to oxidation, so the newer ones shouldn’t be as dark.” When he noticed everyone looking at him, he said: “What? I know stuff too!”

Bobby couldn’t help but smile as they set off down the first row. Lily chatted excitedly with Trevor. Jinx raced from one mausoleum to the next. Even Jacob seemed to be enjoying himself, frowning less and whistling softly as they made their way from one structure to another. Bobby just hoped it would last. Something in his gut told him they were close and, whatever it was they found would change things forever.

Seven rows, four aisles, and countless tombs later, Bobby and his friends came to a mausoleum with only a thin layer of patina. Jinx read the inscription across the top of the entrance: “Nicholaus Von Hemet, Headmaster, 1952 to 1973.”

“That should cover the time your grandfather was here,” said Trevor, testing the thick marble door and finding it unlocked but jammed. Jacob and Bobby helped, and together they pried it open until they could  squeeze through.

Inside the sepulcher, the air was dry and surprisingly fresh. In the center of the chamber sat an enormous marble sarcophagus inlaid with pale green jade so translucent that it looked like sea glass. All along the edges of the room, cabinets and shelves held books, clothes, and other personal items. A coin collection rested on velvet cushions inside a glass display case next to an assortment of quartz crystals.

“These must be his personal possessions,” said Lily.

Trevor said, “It makes sense that a headmaster would be buried with all of his possessions easily accessible. He probably worked on some of the most advanced techniques of his time. The current academics would want access to his material should the need ever arise.”

“I bet what we’re looking for is one of his personal items,” said Bobby.

“Well I am certainly not prying open the coffin to see if it’s in there,” said Jacob.

“There’s a lot of stuff in this room,” said Lily, perusing the display cases. “What about using the Chronenberg Technique again now that we’re inside?”

Jinx pointed at the sarcophagus. “We’ll never get a directional reading with that jade sitting in the middle of the room.”

“Ok then, genius, what do you suggest?” said Jacob.

“Looks like we’re going to have to search the old fashion way.”