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Seven rows, four aisles, and countless tombs later, Bobby and his friends came to a mausoleum with only a thin layer of patina. Jinx read the inscription across the top of the entrance: “Nicholaus Von Hemet, Headmaster, 1952 to 1973.”

“That should cover the time your grandfather was here,” said Trevor, testing the thick marble door and finding it unlocked but stuck. Jacob and Bobby helped, and together they pried it open until they could all squeeze through.

Inside the sepulcher, the air was dry and fresh. In the center of the chamber sat an enormous marble sarcophagus inlaid with pale green jade so translucent that it looked like sea glass. All along the edges of the room, cabinets and shelves held books, clothes, and other personal items. A coin collection rested on velvet cushions inside a glass display case next to an assortment of quartz crystals.

“These must be his personal possessions,” said Lily.

Trevor said, “It makes sense that they would bury a headmaster with all of his possessions easily accessible. He probably worked on some of the most advanced techniques of his time. The current academics would want access to his material should the need ever arise.”

“I bet what we’re looking for is one of his personal items,” said Bobby.

“Well, I am not prying open the coffin to see if it’s in there,” said Jacob.

“There’s a lot of stuff in this room,” said Lily, perusing the display cases. “What about using the Chronenberg Technique again now that we’re inside?”

Jinx pointed at the sarcophagus. “We’ll never get a directional reading with that jade sitting in the middle of the room.”

“Ok then, genius, what do you suggest?” said Jacob.

“Looks like we will have to search the old fashion way.”

Silently, they split up and checked the shelves. Occasionally, one of them came across something interesting, like the old Headmaster’s college diploma and class ring from his life before the academy, but none of it meant anything to Bobby or the others, and so they kept searching.

After an hour, Trevor set down the stack of paperwork he’d been examining and took a seat on the dais surrounding the coffin. “I hate to say it but I agree with Jacob. It could take days to look through all this stuff.”

“I have an idea that might help,” said Lily, jumping up from the floor where she’d been skimming a book on beetle entomology. “Bobby – remember how Master Jong is always telling you to follow your intuition? We can use that to guide us.”

“I know what you’re getting at,” broke in Jinx. “Brilliant.”

“Well don’t keep us all in suspense,” said Trevor.

“Intuition is really just a heightened form of instinct. Something that people sense when they’re open-minded,” explained Jinx. “And instinct is the strongest and most primitive way to connect to the Oneness of the universe. It involves reacting to subtle changes in the surrounding energy; as opposed to sending anima outward, like with the Chronenberg Technique. So we can use it without interference from the jade. Brilliant.”