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the-great-sphinx1At some point during the process of writing my first two books, I struck upon a surprisingly simple, yet potent idea: to use a famous and/or legendary location as a major character in each story. Almost by accident, I set up Bobby Ether and the Temple of Eternity to explore the mythical Fountain of Youth. After delving into the plot and discovering the immense power possessed by the fictional Mayan temple I created, I quickly realized that I had a strong formula for future books as well.

Because metaphysical ‘spiritual’ energy is a major theme throughout my books, I researched monuments and other ‘supercharged’ settings steeped in myth as possible backdrops for book three. Places like Stonehenge, Shangri-La, and the Lost City of Atlantis quickly sprang to mind. Ultimately, I settled on what is perhaps the greatest, and most mysterious, manmade structure ever created––the Great Sphinx.

For anyone not currently aware, evidence of water erosion on the Sphinx has led to a heated debate in recent years, with many highly respected scientists theorizing that the Sphinx predates Egyptian civilization. Finding a way to take this surprising theory and weave it into a compelling story is the foundation for book three, tentatively titled Bobby Ether and the Great Sphinx.
Sphinx & PyramidIf the Egyptians didn’t build the Sphinx, then who did? What is its purpose? Is there something buried beneath it as many scholars claim? These are just some of the intriguing questions I wove into the story, while continuing to advance the arch of Bobby’s development. I’ve also tied in a few recent events, such as the Arab Spring revolt––with a unique twist on how they impacted (or were impacted by) Bobby’s adventures.

The fun doesn’t stop there. I’ve also been sketching ideas for book four, using the same formula of tying in powerful locations and historical events. Roughly half of book four is already written, with a storyline revolving around Julius Caesar and the Great Library at Alexandria. At some point, I plan to shift the story to World War Two, where Heinrich Himmler’s SS led the Nazis in their own crusade to obtain occult objects. The story will likely transition at some point to Odessa, Ukraine, were I will once again tie in current as well as historical events, making use of the underground tunnels beneath Odessa as a backdrop for Himmler’s operations as well as Bobby’s modern day adventures.

I hope you enjoyed this update and insight of what’s to come. As my work with book two winds down, I’m eager to further explore the vast array of legendary locations that can set the table for future stories. As always, I love to hear from my fans. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback on where Bobby and his friends should go, feel free to leave a comment.