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As many of my readers know, the third book in my Bobby Ether YA series was finished several years ago. However, due to general market conditions as well as sales status of the first two books, it’s highly unlikely that book three will get published… at least not anytime soon.

I love the third book. Scions of the Sphinx is perhaps my favorite adventure in the Bobby Ether series. It is certainly the one I am most proud of, since my skill as a writer had progressed by that point that I was able to write it with far fewer drafts and edits than my previous stories.

Because of my fondness for this story, and because I don’t expect it to be published anytime soon, I have decided to start sharing portions of it here on my site. Perhaps no one will read it, perhaps no one will care, but at least it will be out in the world. In that, I think I am in line with every true artist in my desire simply to share my creation with the world.

Here then, is the first chapter of the third book in my Bobby Ether series, Scions of the Sphinx. Additional chapters may follow depending on feedback.






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Chapter 1

Bobby Ether lay in the soft grass and let his mind drift. Beside him, a crystalline stream flowed through rolling hillocks into a glassy pond. Bobby breathed deeply, drawing in the tangy scent of conifer. Between the warm sun kissing his tan skin and the gentle breeze rustling his short blond hair, it was virtually impossible to concentrate. Thankfully, he didn’t have to.

One of those rare days at the Eagle’s Nest devoid of instruction, Bobby had snuck off after breakfast to relax beside the slender brook that ran along the southern border of the immense, underground forest. Off in the distance, a plateau skirted with wildflowers held boys and girls hard at work on their esoteric arts.

Bobby stretched and let his eyes drift over the landscape. Everything served a purpose here in the secret headquarters of Chief Benson Eagleheart—the old Native American who’d helped rescue Bobby from the Academy over a year ago. Of course, Chief had also aided in the rescue of Bobby’s friends from the Temple of Eternity a few months later, becoming their mentor in the process.

Nowadays, Bobby called the Eagle’s Nest his home, studying with his good friends Trevor, Lily, and Jacob, along with his younger cousin, Jinx. Together, they worked with Master Jong, Bobby’s primary instructor at the Academy, to learn greater control over their abilities.

Today, however, Bobby didn’t need to study or attend class. All he needed was to relax and enjoy the subterranean biodome’s artificially glorious weather. The “sunlight” contained just the right amount of warmth. The breeze carried just the right amount of cool. The combination reminded him of his parents’ home back in Bayside, California, where he’d grown up. Bayside…

Bobby paused in his carefree reverie. How long had it been since he’d heard from his parents? Ever since they’d reluctantly allowed him to come here, they’d maintained constant communication—routing calls and e-mails through Chief’s contacts in the outside world. They knew Bobby’s new life was complicated, full of phenomena most people believed only existed in myth and fairy tales. Which is why they constantly check on me. Yet he hadn’t heard from them in days.

Closing his eyes, Bobby pictured his house back home on Maple Street. He envisioned the white shutters, shingled roof, and brick walk-up. He saw the inside, with its quaint kitchen, upstairs bedrooms, and cozy den. He looked everywhere, but his parents were nowhere to be seen.

In a blink, the scene drifted to the backyard. Bobby went into the garage, yet still the grounds remained empty. The vision floated from the carport to the garden. There he discovered a woman wrapped in a lavender sari, a silk hijab drawn over her face. Definitely not my mother. Tall and slender, the woman had bright green eyes and skin the color of golden honey. As he watched, the woman wove her way among the plants, tending the various herbs and vegetables with mesmerizing grace.

Resting for a moment, the woman reached up and pulled back the veil on her hijab, revealing delicate features framed by luxurious mahogany locks.

Not a woman at all, but a girl near my age. Around her neck, the girl wore an exquisite silver pendant shaped like a flying fish. Her perfect lips split apart, and Bobby’s world stood still. Her smile was the warmth of the sun wrapped up with the mysteries of the moon and the stars—a glowing radiance that made him flush, his every sense tingling with excitement.

Some faraway portion of his brain told Bobby that he knew this girl, but he couldn’t place her. A sense of déjà vu washed over him. Trying to remember felt like chasing butterflies. The more he concentrated, the more the feeling fluttered away. The vision of the girl in the garden flickered for a moment and then faded.

Bobby lay by the brook with his eyes squeezed shut for a long time, but the beautiful girl with skin like amber and eyes like emeralds refused to visit him again. Finally, sensing the lateness of the hour, not to mention the growling in his stomach, Bobby stood up and brushed himself off. Gathering up his satchel, he struck out through the forest, heading back to the plateau where, hopefully, a nice hot meal awaited him.

* * *