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I am pleased to present to you here, for the first time anywhere, the currently slated back cover text for my next book, Bobby Ether and the Temple of Eternity.

Note – the cover illustration is also in the works. Currently, the design is in the sketch phase, but should be finished in color within a few weeks pending my approval (Sorry folks, I don’t illustrate well enough to create it myself!).

When it’s ready, I plan to do a cover release using my dear friend, Mollydee, over at Mismatched Bookends.

**Bobby Ether and the Temple of Eternity**

Picking up where Bobby Ether and the Academy left off, this supercharged sequel finds Bobby heading to Guatemala, where a group of missing children has been taken to a secret location in the heart of a deadly rainforest–La Muerte Verde.

Bobby and Jinx continue their exploration of the wondrous world of earth energies and spiritual connections as they work together against the nefarious forces of the Core to find and rescue their imprisoned companions.

New friends and powerful foes join the fray in this all-new action-packed adventure, entangling Bobby in a cryptic prophecy of life and death. The natives may be on his side, but mystic barriers, killer snakes, and raging rivers all bar his path. In the end, it’s up to Bobby and company to unravel the hidden secrets of an ancient Mayan temple—where they discover none other than the legendary Fountain of Youth!