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Cover Poll Results

The results from the Cover Poll held by Koehler Books are in. The cover is now decided. The front will feature the monastery/pagoda, while the back of the book will feature the monk in the mist. Front Cover: Full Wrap: 

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Release Date

I am thrilled to announce that the release date for Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy has been set for March 24, 2019. The book is going to be available for pre-order in the next week or two. Visit my website at and sign up for the newsletter to get...

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Cover Poll

After starting with six options, the cover for Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy has been narrowed to just two. Check out the two designs and vote for whichever one you prefer! 😍 Koehler Books Cover Poll Voting will be live for the next two weeks, at which point I will...

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